Tuesday 22 July 2014

Ambitionz Az A Shaun Ryder

"I'm in the field, 2 sticks on me
2 bricks on me
Consequences and repercussions - it get sick, homie"

DB Tha General - Is He Really Real?
(From The Book Of Secrets album; 2014)

Is ya boy trippin' or is the beat on this cut from DB's new album based on some Happy Mondays song? If so, wow, something good has finally arisen from the toxic nadir of post-WW2 British culture that was Madchester.

Ian Brown's crimes are just as heinous as the crimes committed by Ian Brady, Ian Huntley, and Ian Watkins, IMHO.


breakin brad said...

mani fresh

MC Reni said...


Joe said...

22 track son this album-- please tell there are a bunch of good ones. i (unlike you and david turner) think bay rap is at an all time low. db may be our last hope (until next month or something)!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

A-Wax's new album is sounding nuts from the leaks + the snippets on Amazon, and I'm feelin' the new Lil' Debbie single.

DB album is patchy as hell but the good songs are really good. One to Spotify first for sure. This, Move, Do It Like Mac Dre.and Fuck DB are the tracks that are doing it for me currently.

Anonymous said...

bay rap really is at an all time low.

CrowleyHead said...

I didn't commit to listening, didn't we get a Clyde EP and a D-Lo LP?

MJ said...

Philthy Rich has been killing shit this year.