Thursday 17 July 2014

Logjams on multiple levels

Probably gonna rename this site Random West Coast Slaps Found On Thizzler, Siccness or Digital Dripped because that's all ya boy Nate Patrin Dogg right chea seems to be posting this summer. The thing is, California rap is so ~on~ right now that even the 3.5/5 tracks like this posse-cut below are 4.5/5 tracks compared to what's coming out of every other region:

"I got an old bitch
I got a new bitch
I even got a few bitches I went to school with
I got a mixed bitch, I got a black bitch
But one thing I never had was a wack bitch..."

City Shawn ft. D-Lo & Show Banga - Bitches
(From the internet; 2014)

One of my nan's favourite saying was that it's better to have too much of something than too little and City Shawn, D-Lo & Show Banga are out chea keeping her spirit alive with this Bitches thlap. If you were bummed-out that Philthy Rich discontinued his _ Bitches At The Same Time series in 2012 after its third installment then this is the jam 4 u.


RMH said...


Great hook.

yeldarb said...

need a download link

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Click the link on the embed.