Saturday 5 July 2014

Old man yells at (Sound)Cloud

Taken from SoundCloud, two west coast joints with samples from the G-Funk era that both totally sound like now, even if now happens to be an overcast saturday morning. Throw these tracks into your playlist next to YG & TeeFlii's Do It To Ya and, et voilĂ , you too can feel like Yukmouth & Numskull at the pool party in the I Got 5 On It video:

IamSu! ft. 2 Chainz & Sage The Gemini - Only That Real (Back 2 Cali Remix)
(From DJ B Cause's SoundCloud; 2014)

The Kid Ryan ft. Problem & Mr Smith - No Boundaries
(From The Young California SoundCloud; 2014)

The original Only That Real sounded too stiff and cheerless for ya boy Dianne ONYXberry so this remix corrects both of those problems. As for No Boundaries, that one needs to blow up to atone for Problem getting his verse cut from the definitive version of 2014's best Ratchet & Bullshit song.


THE GUY said...


Anonymous alias of someone important said...

What Parrot said.

Joe said...

awesome. these are both really fun.

Zara said...

Oh my that Kid Ryan song rules