Tuesday 1 July 2014

I don't doodle on the internet

Skeme ft. T.I - Look What I did
(From Look What I did single; 2014)

Not sure how a west coast rapper who happens to be the great-nephew of Howlin' Wolf ends up on the Bay Area Ratchet label Empire Distribution with a song featuring T.I, but we should all be thankful the plan together because Look What I Did is the 2014 We Made It and T.I.P's presence means its unlikely to get gaffled by The Canadian.

File this under ‘songs that manage to channel both Genghis Khan after the Battle of Badger Mouth and James Franco in Spring Breakers during the "LOOK AT ALL MAH SHIT!" scene’.


MNBVVCXZ said...

This is dope.

Anonymous alias of someone important said...

Skeme writes for Iggy and has a couple of songs with her.


Probably explains why he's collabing with T.I.