Saturday 12 July 2014

lol Percy

It's that moment every TRU No Limit Soldier has been waitin' for since the Grand Imperial Percy Miller returned to the rap game a couple of years back: P & his newly-hired goon squad going Ratchet over Poundland DJ Mustard beats for -- how perfect an historical parallel is this? -- the upcoming sequel to Ice Cream Man:

"Throwing money like it's pizza
N*gga runnin' round, hoes say they wanna meetcha
Bad bitches on a n*gga like Keyshia
N*gga might ghostride to the preacher"

Master P ft. Eastwood & Travis Kr8ts - Too Real
(From Ice Cream Man 2 album; 2014)

Invasion of the Paranoid snatchers! The only difference is this is at least a gazillion times better than the B.o.B version.


d said...

"like Keyshia"

hows Master P not a verb

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That line makes more sense now I've realised he meant Keyshia and not Ke$ha.

Love the mental image of P ghostriding his way to church. No Limit going hyphy would have been P's number 1 dream trend-hop of all time for me.

Terry Ratchet said...

Wouldn't be mad at a ratchet Master P album at all.

d said...

Actually if it coincided with his attempted pg rap makeover you might be onto something there, cos if theres ever a subgenre that lended itself to good clean fun its hyphy.

AK said...

Whatever happened to his alliance with Alley Boy and Fat Trel?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Tryna figure shit out, I guess this is Ice Cream Man 2's equivalent of Playa From Around The Way?

Andrew Barber said...


Habibi said...

Boring. "Leave it to the professionals" indeed.