Saturday, 12 July 2014

lol Percy

It's that moment every TRU No Limit Soldier has been waitin' for since the Grand Imperial Percy Miller returned to the rap game a couple of years back: P & his newly-hired goon squad going Ratchet over Poundland DJ Mustard beats for -- how perfect an historical parallel is this? -- the upcoming sequel to Ice Cream Man:

"Throwing money like it's pizza
N*gga runnin' round, hoes say they wanna meetcha
Bad bitches on a n*gga like Keyshia
N*gga might ghostride to the preacher"

Master P ft. Eastwood & Travis Kr8ts - Too Real
(From Ice Cream Man 2 album; 2014)

Invasion of the Paranoid snatchers! The only difference is this is at least a gazillion times better than the B.o.B version.


d said...

"like Keyshia"

hows Master P not a verb

Si Mane Price said...

That line makes more sense now I've realised he meant Keyshia and not Ke$ha.

Love the mental image of P ghostriding his way to church. No Limit going hyphy would have been P's number 1 dream trend-hop of all time for me.

Terry Ratchet said...

Wouldn't be mad at a ratchet Master P album at all.

d said...

Actually if it coincided with his attempted pg rap makeover you might be onto something there, cos if theres ever a subgenre that lended itself to good clean fun its hyphy.

AK said...

Whatever happened to his alliance with Alley Boy and Fat Trel?

Si Mane Price said...

Tryna figure shit out, I guess this is Ice Cream Man 2's equivalent of Playa From Around The Way?

Andrew Barber said...


Habibi said...

Boring. "Leave it to the professionals" indeed.