Sunday 6 July 2014

Don't fight the stealing

File this under ‘songs I never would've listened to on the internet which sound so right as radio jams on Westwood’ and ‘lol @ Game now being a more popular rapper than 50’:

Game ft. Too $hort, Problem, AV & Eric Bellinger - Or Nah
(From whatever Game's next album is called; 2014)

Mercifully, this is a sneaky homage to Too $hort's Don't Fight The Feeling rather than the throwaway beatjack of Ty$ & Wiz Khalifa's last single you'd expect it to be with that title. A+++ will definitely enjoy hearing this throughout the summer of 2014, though it's obviously not a patch on Suga Free's reimagining of Don't Fight The Feeling.


Why wouldn't we? said...

I am listening to the Westwood show you linked.

James said...

Wanted to dislike this but it slaps.