Monday 14 November 2011

Reasons why I love Youtube # 15 : Positive K edition

Duh, because somebody uploaded the ridiculously rare video of Positive K's second single Step Up Front and it has everything you could possibly want from a 1988 Rap video; namely, Dapper Dan gear, Lisa Turtle lookalikes in sheepskin coats and dudes with flattops dancing on a rooftop in the projects :

Positive K - Step Up Front
(From Step Up Front 12"; 1988)

The problem with interchangeable LL Cool J clones from the Golden-Era is that some of them were afforded the opportunity to release shitty albums (or ridiculously overrated albums with one good song) as well as crap 12" singles. In turn, this makes it all the more irksome that a unique talent like Positive K had to wait until 1992 to drop his own long player when he was putting out awesome singles like Step Up Front and his third single A Good Combination in the twlight years of the 80s, with the latter being as unorthodox and bugged out as De La's Plug Tunin'. For real, who else was flowing like this or even rhymin' over beats like this in '89? Warm it up, Pos' :

Positive K - A Good Combination
(From A Good Combination 12"; 1989)

Actual Facts : every time some newjack self-proclaimed vinyl purist turd who doesn't even own any Positive K records pays over $100/£100 for a generic Paul C-engineered 1989 12" from the Random-Rap canon, another black dude from the Bronx is murdered in cold blood by po-po.


Boothe said...

Now I know where the cuts from the Brand Nubian song came from.


Daps said...

I feel the same way about the Alliance LP. Some of that was way ahead.

Anonymous said...

Never heard "A Good Combination".. that shits FUNKY

brad said...

wow, never knew there was a vid for step up front.