Wednesday 9 November 2011

Generic Heavy D tribute post

Heavy D & The Boyz - Blue Funk
(From Blue Funk; 1994)

But we finna do this the right way : even though Waterbed Hev' is now waterdead Hev', let the history books state that he has more joints than Eminem and every member of Slaughterhouse combined (and I like some Royce!), sounded equally as good over Marley/Pete/Primo Boom-Bap as he did over Teddy Riley's New Jack Swing jams, and even produced a handful of certified joints himself this past decade including a couple of 5 star general classics like Beanie's Feel It In The Air and the shelved Black Rob track which beget it Permanent Scars AKA Live From The Eastside :

Black Rob - Permanent Scars
(From The Best Of Black Rob mixtape; 2004)

His last notable track would be Sucker M.C.S with AZ, which was the only song to leak from his brief stint at Bad Boy in the mid '00s, and which, like Permanent Scars/Feel It In The Air, was one of his own productions that he then resold when the original track ended up in release date purgatory, this time to Babygrande Records who gave the beat to the slightly bizarre duo of Grand Puba and Un Kasa :

Heavy D ft. AZ - Sucker M.C.s
(From his shelved Bad Boy album; 2004)

Grand Puba ft. Un Kasa - Wait A Minute
(From The Best Of Un Kasa; 2009)

The Overweight Lover's in the hearse, but I'd like to think that dude is up on his own V.I.P blue cloud somewhere in Rap Heaven right now getting double-teamed by a couple of redbone chicks and bragging to Biggie and Big Pun that he pioneered their whole lane of Rap and outlived them both. It's the least he deserves for managing to hold his own against the more celebrated greats of the Golden-Era on Don't Curse :

Heavy D ft. Kool G. Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock & Q-Tip - Don't Curse
(From Peaceful Journey; 1991)


raythedestroyer said...

Dude revolutionized the game for fat dudes. Im not a fat dude but, I can still recognize and respect Heavy D's hustle and prowess.

Repo said...

As I began reading I felt like sending you a virtual bitchslap due to your somewhat flippant attitude to such a legend. But then seeing such lines as "The Overweight Lover ... in the hearse" made me grin like a girl.
And I'm not a girl.

AaronM said...

RIP. Dude got crazy ass despite looking like a bullfrog. Shout out to the Madonna looking breezy in the "Don't Curse" video.

DarKScoRpioN said...

RIP Heavy D. You will be missed. Read more about Heavy D's death here.

brad said...

damn. r.i.p

peaceful journey and blue funk are both good albums.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

And he really did know how to Rap over Teddy Riley better than more "technical" Rappers like Kool Moe Dee and Big Daddy Kane.

like sound said...

He executive produced Herb Mcgruff's album too, no?

(I'm not around my records at the moment but that's what I recall anyway...)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

He did.