Wednesday 2 November 2011

Another mystery solved

De La Soul - A Rollerskating Jam Nam Named Saturdays
(From De La Soul Is Dead; 1991)

Thanks to holmes in the Fat Lace comment section who dropped the solomon jewels after Dan speculated about which record Maseo got the inspiration for that WAH-A-WAH-A-WAH-A-WAH-WAH scratch pattern he uses on A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays from in the last F.L podcast. I've never heard this Fearless Four joint before because I loathe Problems Of The World Today, but the moral of the story is thus : pay closer attention in future because not very good The Message-lite 12"s from 1983 sometimes come accompanied with forgotten electro scratch jams of major historical significance to Prince Paul-era De La fans on the B. side :

Fearless Four - F4000
(From Problems Of The World Today 12"; 1983)

A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays is, of course, one of the only Rap songs you can air-scratch to in public without feeling like an extra in the video for that Dilated Peoples song with the Havoc vocal sample, but could it be that it's not Plug Three getting busy at all and a sample from The Fearless Four song instead? The cut-up breakdown solo by DJ Grand Supreme from 3:25 onwards indicates yes, even though it's never officially been credited anywhere. Ayo De La - dip into that Gorillaz/Nike dough and cut Fearless a cheque, you stingy bastards.


David said...

this is a crazy find. kudos

done said...


Another thing I always wondered- after taking the piss out of hip-house on the album, whats with the David Morales remix?

brad said...

oh shit!

blame tommy boy and not de la for that one, done

Boothe said...


Good find.

"I wish De La Soul still..."

done said...

Makes sense, Tommy wasnt their motherfuckin boy.

H.L. said...

Real niggas air-scratch to "Doomsday".

Great post.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

True. That and Poetry are totally acceptable.

done said...

I don't think I've ever repeated anything as much as the " ziggazig - thought so!" bit.

Anonymous said...

i just want to air scratch now.