Thursday 17 November 2011

Percy back!

AKA brief thoughts on Master P's new mixtape TMZ : Too Many Zeros.

Silkk is conspicuous by his absence; it's pretty bizarre to hear Romeo Rap now his balls have dropped; it's perhaps even more bizarre to hear P Rapping about h8ers on Twitter and Facebook; not nearly enough P on here, but when he does appear it's heartwarming to hear that his artistic M.O of brazenly swaggerjacking popular Rappers is still intact, with Rick Ross being his new muse; I might never get the deluxe reissue of T-Bo & Mike Da Hustla's Who Dem Boys? that I crave, but I suppose a new T-Bo banger with Romeo will have suffice instead :

T-Bo & Romeo - Fed Up
(From TMZ : Too Many Zeros mixtape; 2011)

Also good to see this living up to $tarlito's "rest in peace songs every CD like P. Miller" line with the emotional tour-de-force finale R.I.P. I always thought I Miss My Homies should've been the closing track on Ghetto D so this goes someway in righting that wrong, although, as you might expect, Pimp C is not shouted out as "one of the fallen soldiers" here :

Krazy ft. Master P, T.E.C & Chip - R.I.P
(From TMZ : Too Many Zeros mixtape; 2011)

In summary : not exactly The Ghetto's Tryin' To Kill Me or Ghetto D, but it does have more joints than Rakim's last album.


Anonymous said...

That is perhaps the worst fitting suit in the history of ill-fitting suits.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

You reckon? I thought it looks positively Rat Pack-ish compared to the boxy proto-Chopper zoot suits he wore in the late 90s.

Black patent leather Air Force ones and a baseball cap with a suit is the classic Rapper-goes-to-court look, though.

brytburken said...

r u saying that rakims last album had any joints at all? i didnt like that one single, and unkut robbie being totally bored by it in his review made me not even download it... is there any songs on there worth dl?

i guess rakim falling completely totally off, beyond redemption makes me more confused than sad tho.. in a way hes the GOAT... still

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It was pretty much bland from front-to-back.

David said...

It sucks bcuz those late 90s rakim records were so good. i fuck w/ those real heavy

on the plus side, new kool g rap shit was p dope. ive always got a soft spot for underappreciated legends tho, cf sen dog's "capo" naughty by nature's "i got a lotta" and that joint where spice 1 hooked up w/ oj the juiceman

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, I was really feeling some of those loosie joints Rakim dropped last decade like A Cold Feeling and I'm Back with Lil' Fame, so I had my fingers crossed there'd be a couple of jams on there.

Thomas said...

I had no idea Master P put out a new mixtape! Now my "No Limit Soldier 4 Lyfe" chest tattoo will be in vogue again.
Pretty glad to hear there is no Silkk The Shocker on it, that guy was always terrible.