Friday 4 November 2011

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But I echo everything here about Bo Deal & Mellow G Blanca's Safe Sex because it's like Yo-Yo flipping the trope of You Can't Fade Me from a female perspective, which is a much due subject volteface after Rap's timeworn partyline of "if a bitch gets pregnant, she gets a brick in the stomach" this past twenty years. Sending an MP3 of this out to my whoadie Williams who got his lady friend knocked up again three months after the birth of their firstborn this year; shoulda got wifey to pop a cap in it, cuzz :

Bo Deal ft. Mellow G Blanca - Safe Sex
(From The Chicago Code 2 mixtape; 2011)

In the interests of restoring the misogyny levels to an acceptable level for a Rap blog, here's a semi-riposte in the form of the best song on the new $tarlito EP; not quite as good as its namesake by the Lee Marvin of this chauvinistic Rap shit, but Too $hort, Luke and Suga Free would surely beam with joy at this one :

$tarlito ft. Tha Joker - Ho Problems
(From #UW: Separation Anxiety EP; 2011)

Do you think the majority of Rappers will ever cotton on that the EP is a far better format for regularly releasing new music in the digital epoch than now hopelessly outdated model of the twenty track mixtape? Probably not since the twenty track mixtape is the Rap equivalent of the multiple-dude gangbang on one chick porno flick : it's a major pain in the posterior for main performer and intended fanbase alike (shots of men's hairy arses = interludes involving phone calls from Bun B), yet the industry is too stupid to phase the format out. Rappers : they don't want to perform on stage for more than twenty minutes, yet they expect you to sit through seventy minutes of their recorded music on mixtapes which are lengthier than Jim Jones' jhorts circa 1998.


brad said...

lol @ both of these

the starlito one on that ep over the alley boy/jeezy/gotti "four" beat is soundin' real good roo.

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James said...

Lovin' 'em both.