Tuesday 15 November 2011

Brief thoughts on Savage Life 3

"On the mic you get stupid, I can get buck too
Bitch, if your name ain't Boosie, n*gga, fuck you!"

Webbie - I Been Here
(From Savage Life 3 album; 2011)

If What's Happenin' is such an anthem in Baton Rogue that it's already being trumpeted as the 2011 I'm 'Bout It, Bout It, then I Been Here is a possible future album-cut classic in the vein of Walk Like A Killer; I Do 'Em All is worthy of being mentioned alongside No Ho'z Barred as far as Rap songs which exemplify the philosophy of I Don't Care If You Wouldn't, I Would go; thank fuck Lil' Trill has finally hit puberty because he's no longer the most nails-on-a-blackboard voice in Rap since the incessantly shrill chickenhead in the background of Slim Thug's Like A Boss that he was back in 2009; and I'm mighty disappointed Crazy didn't make the album when I'm gagging for a No DJ version and it would've been the ideal opening cut since it's one of Webbie's most uncivilised moments of 2011 :

Webbie - Crazy
(From Still Trill mixtape; 2011)

Hopefully Turk & Mell are currently putting together a compilation of all Webbie's Savage Life 3 promo campaign interviews and the hitherto unseen footage of him beating the shit out of the Freestyle Friday winner on BET to add to Trill Ent's catalogue of classic 'hood DVDs. It's mind boggling to think that Rappers are still referencing films like Scarface and Menace II Society in 2011 when they could paying homage to Boosie & Webbie's cinematic vehicle Ghetto Stories : The Movie instead, but it's an absolute travesty that neither Boosie or Webbie were nominated in the Best Actor category for their performances in the picture at last year's Oscars when Hollywood still owes this Rap shit an award for snubbing Cam'Ron's triumphant turn as Rico in Paid In Full :


Anonymous said...

That dvd would be amazing.

Thomas said...

Ghetto Stories looks amazing, rapper movies are never not funny. I'll have to look into that one.
I like that "I Been Here" song.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Can't believe Hus' has never made a Rapper movie.

brad said...

hollywood still owes baller blockin' a best picture oscar too.

done said...

If you add up all the random dvd cameos and these things its the best rapper movie evar.

crack cocaine. was. the drug. of. choice.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Back to Webbie. I really want Crazy to become his Mo City Don, where it's so beloved by his fans that they can chant line-perfect acapella versions of it at his live shows.