Sunday, 28 August 2011

Quick demonstration on the decline of Ca$h Money Records in a decade via live clips

I know, I know - Drake is too obvious a target at this point and this is incredibly lazy bank holiday posting on my behalf, buuuuuuuuut Ca$h Money went from this masterful TV/VHS performance in 2000 :

And, indeed, this, the 2nd best Source Awards performance of the noughties in 2004 :

(Also worth a peep is this 2001 Source Awards performance of # 1 Stunna and Get Your Roll On.)

To this faux-pas 5 years later, although, to his credit, at least Wayne wasn't frolicing across the stage like Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music when he went arse over tit like a certain someone else was :

And ending with this hilariously shameful moment in late 2009 by that certain someone else, which is still the most embarrassing spectacle in the history of rap :

Such a wane has got me wanting to set Adam on Bryan, Ronald, Aubrey and Dwayne :


Rex said...

What's that first clip from?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Some CMM live concert in 2000 that was televised/released as a VHS tape. They do all the hits and even throw in the odd album track like Juve & Wayne's Rich Niggaz. The whole thing is on the 'tube.

done said...

Oh man. Watching it now, this is class.