Monday 15 August 2011

Baybach musik

C-Bo ft. Mob Figgas & 151 - Ride Til' We Die
(From Til My Casket Drops; 1998)

Ride Til' We Die gets another outing on here since I was just re-reading Husalah's brilliant Ozone magazine interview (thanx, Mister Jay) where he goes into detail about first meeting C-Bo and how 'Bo put the Mob Figaz (or Mob Figgas as they went by the name of then) on his Til My Casket Drops album, with the conversation's highlight being this truly wonderful "made it, ma' - top of the world!!" moment :

Ozone Magazine : What is one of your most memorable moments with the Mob?
Husalah : When C-Bo dropped Til My Casket Drops, I was still a young dirtbag choppin' and you couldn't tell me I wasn't going to be the illest n*gga ever in life. When I first heard somebody slide through stuntin', he pulled to the stop sign and the driver looked over at the crowd, rolled down his window, and punched his gas. His shit was stupid running, and he slid across the intersection, and let his top drop while he was still burning rubber, figure eight-ing and everything. When he turned his slap up I heard my voice; it was our song, Ride Til' We Die, the first song to ever be on a real record, blaring out of about six twelve [inch speakers] in a drop 1970 Cutlass, ridiculously clean, on five-time Zeniths. It made me feel like, this is everything I am to be, Mob for life. Youngstas love shit like that. That's why I fuck with young n*ggas who never had a record. I try to put them all on, I love the young n*ggas.

And speaking of the importance of one's vehicular stereo set-up in the Bay, I'm stoked Rear View Mirror has finally been granted a video :

E-40 ft. B-Legit & Stressmatic - Rear View Mirror
(From Revunue Retrievin' : Overtime Shift; 2011)

A Neil Diamond-soundtracked intro, Stressmatic playing the position of Argyle in the first Die Hard flick, multiple scantily-clad wenches of various ethnicities and '40 possibly homaging LL in the Flava In Ya Ear remix video with a baldie poking out the top of a visor that's cocked to the side = job's a good 'un, lads. I know Bitch was somewhat of a minor-hit outside of the west, but have any of the other multitude of viral singles from Earl's Revunue Retrievin' series managed to sneak their way into rotation on BET or anything?


done said...

Prime example of why HUSALAHHUSALH is that dude.

40's choices for what gets the video treatment this go round are excellent. The Concrete video may actually be my favourite one of his ever, even better than Practice Looking Hard and he mean mugs at himself in that one.

Hope he makes ones for Drugs and Mr Flamboyant 2K11 too.

done said...

Beastin' too.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I betcha Beastin' will be the next one.

Thomas said...

I remember reading that interview, I don't think I can emphasize enough how much I want to hear a new Mob Figaz and Husalah album.

"My Shit Bang" has a video too and is on regular rotation in Bay Area radio right now, but they redid the song so in the chorus the guy says "my beat bang" and it sounds really awkward and stupid. "Spooky" is one of my favorite songs off the latest albums, which I'd love to see a video for.