Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Not exactly Chloe Mafia, but, still...

If you ever recquired proof that the rap gawdz really do have a cruel sense of humour then look no further than A-Mafia being the only 2006-era Dipset weed carrier not only still releasing great music in 2011, but somehow also finding himself as a semi-blog darling on sites which don't usually even post N.Y rap.

A-Mafia - My Side Of The Story (intro)
(From My Side Of The Story; 2011)

Take that not as snarkiness because I've always liked the cut of 'Mafia's jib since there's something of the MobStyle and McGruff about his rudimentary brawny flow and generally crude thug-rap aesthetic, and sometimes a man merely wants some good ol' fashioned generic bucket-hat Harlem rap from a Chuck Zito-esque henchman which doesn't involve Vado bragging about wearing fucking Eurotrash G-Star Raw jeans or making humdrum tributes to Big L which sound as if they're C.O.C studio scraps from 1995.

A-Mafia - Foldin' $100 Bills
(From My Side Of The Story; 2011)


James said...

That intro is pretty sweeping.

The Great Gats, B said...

It's very regal. Regal is good.

Anonymous said...

why didnt mase attend huddys wake

The Great Gats, B said...

I'd imagine it'd be because Ma$on is still persona non grata in Harlem.

2SHIN said...

Can we all just admit that Chloe Mafia is the sexiest woman in Britain?

Dunno why dudes keep fronting on me every time I try bring this up.

The Great Gats, B said...

Anyone is disagrees is an undercover cock-jockey.

I'm still pissed we've not had a Cher Lloyd + Chloe Mafia cover version of 30 Thousand, 100 Million by Soulja Boy + Lil B.