Thursday, 4 August 2011

'Wolf gang kill all white ppl

Although they'd probably prefer comparisons to Bubba, Yelawolf and Rittz are, in essence, a hick rerun of the Cage and Yak Ballz narrative all over again; ergo, as Yelawolf began to mutate into Eminem after signing to Shady, Rittz followed suit mirroring Yak Ballz's swift metamorphosis into a wet emo-fag zoom dweebie after his mentor Cage switched up his steez and went for that Suicide Boy skrilla as the rap Adam Lambert.

This brand new Yelawolf banger (words I didn't imagine I'd ever type again) still bears influence of Eminem, particularly in the first verse with the "fuck the critics with a spiked dick" line and the reference to Limp Bizkit (fuck all y'all haters : Break Stuff is Nu-Metal's Institutionalized) but not overbearingly so and it's a return to form for a rapper who's only notable contributions to 2011 have been playing second fiddle to Trae on his own shit, a video for one of last year's songs, his verse and hook on the second best song by his Yak Ballz-like underling and the live show I saw a couple of months back where the oft-repeated claim that he's such a composed performer that he can knock out perfect renditions of his recorded output proved to be wholly accurate. Best of all, though, is that this shit is gonna sound pretty damn hench on a mix CD next to 9 X Outta 10 by Quik & Kurupt :

Yelawolf ft. Lil' Jon - Hard White (Up In The Club)
(From Radioactive; 2011)

Is this really going to be his first legit Shady single? Who saw a song with Lil' Jon coming? Can such a song possibly be a hit in 2011?


brad said...

lovin' this. did lil' jon produce it?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Anonymous said...

Also reminiscent of "Drop" by Rich Boy.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ah, yes, good call.