Saturday 9 May 2015

Word to D.W. Griffith and Ice-T

"All you need to make a movie rap video is a girl and a gun"

A-Wax - Trust Issues
(From Pullin' Strings album; 2014/YouTube; 2015)

The Trust Issues video finally answers a question A-Wax posed 11 years ago on Before You Go: "what kinda woman gives her number to a man with a durag on?" The kinda woman who'll grab that rocket launcher you're waving about in the bathroom, stick it up in your face, and fire a lightning bolt right through your noggin, that's who!

On the real to real, someone needs to investigate how A-Wax ended up being bankrolled by John Ferolito Jr. Maybe it's an Italian thing, but there surely can't be an odder couple than a New York-based multi-millionaire heir to the Arizona Iced Tea fortune and Pittsburgh California's premier exponent of mob music.


yeldarb said...

That's a big gun.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yo, a blogger tried to tell me it's not my time

No response, just popped the 9.