Wednesday 27 May 2015

Nevertheless this one's hella fresh

We're at that point of the year when your main criteria for finding new music should be "will this song turn my mate's BBQ into the I Got 5 On It video when I get my turn with the AUX cord?" Had to spit a loogie like Yukmouth when I clicked play on this cut from RJ's latest 'tape because this one'll make a backyard go delirious like Eddie Murphy:

"You might find a bitch around me, but not in me
My last flight outta town hit the lottery"

RJ - If It Ain't Ace
(From OMMIO 2 mixtape; 2015)


Dan said...

Did you like the RJ and Royce tape?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I tried with that twice but failed to find anything I liked on there.

SE said...

This is good, despite RJ's generic manboy voice. Vlad should needle Lord Jamar (rap game Nancy Grace) into commenting on this troubling degeneracy. Sons of Big Sean and Tyga.

David said...

RJ & Choice was mad boring IMO, like it sounds cool for about 2.5 tracks while it's on but I never wanted to go back to it

gonna check this out, hope it's stronger

RobbyRav said...

Hoes Come Easy>>>>>***