Saturday 16 May 2015

A Lakim Shabazz compilation 4 u

You could never really say Lakim Shabazz was an artist who contained multitudes, but he was very much a rapper who thrived off paradoxes: he resembled Kendrick Lamar's younger brother yet he possessed the voice of a Nation Of Islam bodyguard; he's pigeonholed as a 5% conscious rapper when much of his music is about obliterating wack emcees into molecules; he's loved by ageing Anglo-Saxons like me & Eminem despite the fact he was none too fond of us white folk; he had a penchant for rapping over horn samples when Kenny G was the world's most famous saxophonist.

I put together a compilation of 15 of my favourite Lakim Shabazz songs for those of y'all who are unfamiliar with his paradoxical nature. There was no room for Style Is Free, Brothers In Action, or even I Can't Take It No More, but please believe it's all love for the entirety of his catalogue bar the 5% of ill-advised Hip-House tracks that the devil must have forced him to record.

Lakim Shabazz - Kenny G Never Meant Shit To Me (compilation)

1. We Got The Funk (1988)
2. All True And Living (1988)
3. Black Is Back (1988)
4. Sample The Dope Noise (1988)
5. Getting Fierce (1988)
6. The 900 Number (LP version) (1988)
7. La Kim Theme (1988)
8. Your Arms Too Short To Box With God (1989)
9. The Lost Tribe Of Shabazz (1990)
10. The Voice Of Power (1990)
11. When You See A Devil Smash Him (1990)
12. Black And Proud (1990)
13. Style Wars (1990)
14. Flavor Unit Assassination Squad (ft. Flavor Unit) (1990)
15. 1,2,3 (ft. Naughty By Nature & Apache) (1991)



hotbox said...

Pretty sure the only reason Em name drops lakim is because it rhymes with Rakim but it's a high profile shout out nonetheless. Or maybe mr. shabazz had indeed inspired such bar-raising lyrical rap god lines like "watch her leave out the window guess that's why they call it window pane"

Also pretty sure the martorialist knows the 2 digit combo to my tumblr drafts safe as I have a similar zippyshare records release on deck. Cheers

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Cosmic unconsciousness strikes again?

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Has Lakim Shabazz ever been name dropped by anybody else?

SE said...

Didn't think I'd be spending my Saturday listening to Lakim Shabazz when I went to bed last night, but here I am. Every now and then I need a concentrated dose of paranoia and alternate histories. Thanx for this.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Not that I can think of, Ben.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Gonna link Hot Box's related compilation up in here.

xanax fantasia said...

yoooooo don't know how much you fucked with like miscellaneous def jux releases, but there is a great lakim shabazz line in this c rayz walz song that i just noticed and thought you would appreciate

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Cheers. 👍