Saturday 2 May 2015

Pre Malone?

Apropos of this recent Rap Music Hysteria post about Miami Bass' weird infatuation with cack, here's the legendary collaboration between Uncle Luke, Cam'Ron & Pitbull. As well as being the spiritual successor to Bust A Nut by Luke & Biggie, Suck This Dick is the only time you'll ever hear Cam'Ron rhyming about unloading the contents of his bowels and Pitbull rapping about the cream in his balls on the same damn song. Bless Luke's artistic vision for making it a reality:

Uncle Luke ft. Cam'Ron & Pitbull - Suck This Dick
(From Something Nasty album; 2001)

Months after making his debut on Something Nasty in 2001, Pitbull went out on tour to help his then-mentor Luke promote the album, and it was before their show in St Louis where the now infamous footage of Pitavelli freestyling in the street with his hair in cornrows & his face dotted with bumfluff was shot. Not tryna suggest that Yung 'Bull deposited some cream from his balls into a Dallas high schooler after the Texas date of the tour, but let's just say that Post Malone might wanna look into a paternity test in the near future:


Ruben said...

Don't even know where to start here.

Anonymous said...

Cam verse is :0

SE said...

Takes me back to the days Pit was doing commercial jingles for a local for-profit tech school. He was smart to take the pop/fusion route.

I support crowd funding a DNA test so Post can know his father - Cuban Iverson, maybe.

T.J Hookah said...

Pitbull could spit

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"Place my dick on her face and tits
Open your mouth while I take this shit
Coil it, broil it, usin' her throat as a toilet
Talk to me, ma!"

Greatest ever usage of a "talk to me, ma!" in a rap song or wot?

Unknown said...

I'm not mad at Pitbull for doing what he does now but it's kinda sad people associate Miami with him instead of Poison Clan and Trick Daddy.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Talk to me, man!

Zara said...

This song is eww

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Talk to me, ma!