Thursday 21 May 2015

Brief thoughts on the Snoop & Pharrell album

On one hand, it's hella disappointing that there isn't some kind of 2015 Drop It Like It's Hot redux on the album because Lil' Skateboard P's verse was the only good thing about Move That Dope, and it would've been cool to see Pharrell rollin' up his sleeves to throw some bows with Snoop in a 2015 rap video.

On the other hand, R U A Freak is a hybrid of Sensual Seduction and Freedom Williams' first verse from Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), and that shit could slay summer 2015 if it's the next single. If not, then the very least it deserves is an all-star west coast remix with Egyptian Lover and DJ Quik:

Snoop Dogg - R U A Freak
(From BUSH album; 2015)

(We're all agreed Sensual Seduction is better as a clean edit, right? Hearing Snoop say the words Sexual Eruption was a real Your Dad Telling You About The Birds & The Bees moment.)


bloggystyle said...

Good album, full of catchy melodies; my only reservation is that I think Dam Funk and Snoop did the same sort of thing even better on '7 Days of Funk'. I guess this album is poppier though, and I'm definitely not mad at having another perfect summertime Snoop album in time for BBQ and sunburn season.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I still need to hear that album with Dam Funk. Probably right up my road that one.

Zara said...

Sooooooo good.

skerbz said...

couldnt believe how good this album was.. not expecting the amount of good vibes, choruses, and happy thump. not hazy at all.