Monday 25 May 2015

Rap songs that aren't on YouTube but really should be #9

"You want benefits? Get with Uncle Sam
You want bougie nails? Get with the program
And dank weed's what I smoke, it makes me choke when I holla
See, God created pussy right after the dollar"

Jay Tee & Baby Beesh - You Should Neva Be Broke
(From Spread Yo' Hustle compilation; 1997)

File this under ‘Vallejo slumpers by Latino Velvet that Mac Dre really should have guested on’. Come for the entrepreneurial (wo)mannishness, stay for the G-Funk bass.


bob said...


David said...

I was just listening to this comp the other day & instagrammed a photo of it & a dude commented on the photo that he was the one who put it together lol

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Spread Yo' Hustle or Menudo Mix?

Noble Locks said...

Song is bonkers.

David said...

Menudo mix

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I discovered another very unfortunate Bash X SPM collabo today: Short Skirts.