Thursday 3 October 2013

Generic list post : Agallah The Donal Bishop edition

This is the post where we convince the Rap internet's # 1 Irish dude to come to his senses regarding 8-Off's catalogue. Here's a top ten Agallah joints list as according to ya humble author Fredo Fantano AKA Abel Agallah :

1. Agallah ft. Sean Price - Rising To The Top (original) (2002)
2. Agallah The Don Bishop - Gun Go (2004)
3. Purple City - It Ain't Easy (2005)
4. Agallsh The Don Bishop - Gangster (2004)
5. Agallah - Adolf "8-Off" Agallah interlude (2000)
6. Agallah The Don Bishop - Rockin' (2004)
7. Agallah The Don Bishop - New York Ryder Music (2006)
8. Purple City ft. Ike Eyes - Picture Me Rollin' (2006)
9. 8-Off ft. Mr Cheeks - Alize For Dolo remix (1996)
10. Agallah - 5 Star Millas (1999)

Greatest Agallah pun of all time : Drew Huge's Christina "8-Off" Aguilera or my Agallah The John Bishop? Vote now!


RMH said...

"Crookie Monster" bro

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Novelty song, bro.

Club Hoppin' is my honourable mention.

Anonymous said...

"Til My Heart Stops" by R.A + 8-Off is an indie classic

breakin' brad said...

2 of the best puns ever

"crookie monster" is NOT a novelty song!

Unknown said...

N.Y.C. with Sean Price & Ike Eyez is another excellent Agallah jam.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'd not heard that one before, nice.

I want to know if he really did ghost-produce the majority of Onyx's All We Got Iz Us album. He's credited on 3 or 4 tracks but rumours abound that he's responsible for near enough the entire thing including Last Dayz, Evil Streets and Walk In New York.

Agallah Christie said...

Ah its an honour, Im just tryna live up to my rap name. Ill definitely do my upmost to do the knowledge now so, Gangster is so smoov.

People sleeping on his rap journalism too:

Diaz said...

Yes, glad you included Rockin'. BEAT'S CRAZY!!!

H.L. said...

Glaring Omission: "O.G.G.G."

H.L. said...

"Gangster" is incredible. I don't think I've heard this one before.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's very proto-wavy, innit?

You've definitely heard it before, though, because it was you who hooked me up with a copy of Doomsday!

H.L. said...

Ha! I need to revisit that tape then!

do said...

Fewr serious Im gonna have to look for that rar, Gangster is sheer curtains n suede galoshes rap

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's on Diskography.