Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ned Ratchet

You say It's Hot, I say Heal The World!
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I kid, I kid because I dig It's Hot (though it's weird seeing Turk as an adult and not dressed like a Hot Boy in his new videos), but never forget that Mannie Fresh made a great Ratchet joint with P.Lo & Jay Ant of HBK Gang last year which everybody ignored. Perhaps the song got slept on due to its ol' Band Aid soundin' ass title, but anyone expecting Talib Manni needn't have worried because Heal The World is closer to Mind Of Mannie Fresh than it is to Midge Ure, Marilyn & Francis Rossi, and the only similarity the song shares with Do They Know It's Xmas is that it slaps harder than Boy George during one of his S&M sessions with rentboys he's imprisoned against their will:

Mannie Fresh ft. Jay Ant - Heal The World
(From the internet; 2012)

Also never forget that Travis Porter & Kirko Bangz are the owners of best song over that amazing DJ Mustard beat which Mustard had previously sold to Soulja Boy AND E-40 on two separate occasions. There are very tenuous connections between Ca$h Money Records and Real N*ggas In The Building but they do exist: Ali from Travie kicks a Hot Boy$ flow at the end and Kirko Bangz once again proves that he's what Drake would have been if Drake wasn't from a country that's just so wholesome it can't do lust without coming off creepy. No offence to any Canadian readers but I'm not listening to Rap music by dudes who drink milk out of bags and who probably have an uncle named Jacques:

Travis Porter ft. Kirko Bangz - Real N*ggas In The Building
(From DJ Drama's Quality Street Music album; 2012)


P said...

Welcome to Canada

Don't expect a turkey dog here

Fredo Fantano said...

I miss my uncle Jacques y'all....

Anonymous said...

dead @ talib manni

Drew said...

These are both great.

Fredo Fantano said...

Real N*ggas In The Building should have been as big as I'm Different or R.I.P.

Drew said...

Where the hell is that E-40 song from?

Fredo Fantano said...

I think it was the bonus track if you bought all 3 digi Block Brochure albums from iTunes, Amazon etc.