Sunday 27 October 2013

"I'm Chill Rob G-in' n*ggas: class is in session!"

Been goin' in on Agallah the Don Restaurant & Bistro's more recent catalogue this week parsing the gems from the germs, and it turns out my favourite choon from this autumnal period of his career is the intended intro for a project which has never been released in near-true Wrap Your Lips Around This fashion :

"Ruger or the flamethrower, bulletproof ya range rover
The champagne toaster, all my whips rollercoasters
Saturday night live, no John Travolta
Imagine me sittin' on the sofa kickin' it with Oprah
Lettin' her know this shit is real up in this G culture!"

Agallah - Rap Bobby Fischer
(From the aborted Million Dollar Hard Drive mixtape; 2010)

Agallah & Oprah! Rap Bobby Fischer sounds exactly how you'd expect a 2010 Agallah song to sound and features all the usual hostility, alliteration and ludicrous boasts you'd expect from an Agallah song of any vintage, so it slots nicely into his oeuvre as a direct descendant of the Adolf "8-Off" Agallah interlude from Tony Touch's first album. What really marks this out as a potential future Agallah classic is his [sic] reference to Chill Rob G's Court Is Now In Session; a namedropping faux-pas of Game-esque proportions which he just about gets away with since it came 3 years before Eminem made it kewl to shout out members of the Flavor Unit.

Agallah: 1, Aftermath: -0


Anonymous said...

This is dope.

Sorry Bud said...

Did you see the video for this new song with Alchemist? It's hilarious

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah. Agallah rockin' 2 different hairstyles in the space of 1 video is next level.