Monday 21 October 2013

You, you only gonna do what I let you

Where the Hell has Alchemist been finding his sample sources the last couple of years? Dook came up on Prog-Rock breaks that sound like Funkadelic or Curtis Mayfield, Funk loops that sound like Hawkwind or Slip It In-era Black Flag, and Norwegian folk samples that sound like 70s soundtracks by John Carpenter or Isaac Hayes. Give Me A Reason from his album with Boldy James is (thanfkfully) less Cloud-Rap and more Cloud-Of-Opium-Smoke-Drifting-Out-Of-A-Cadillac's-Window-Rap, and that insanely macked-out guitar sample probably comes from one of the Engelbert Humperdinck LPs my grandparents got me donate to a charity shop about 10 years ago :

Boldy James ft. Vince Staples - Give Me A Reason
(From My 1st Chemistry Set album; 2013)

It's difficult to pinpoint quotables on Give Me A Reason the way Boldy's stanzas unfurl and overlap because you end up typing out a near-full verse as I found out when I was trying to convince one of my IRL Boom-Bap buddies on Facebook to check out My 1st Chemistry before I gave up and just told him the album makes the latest Prodigy & Alchemist project sound like that Treacherous 3 comeback LP from the early 90s in comparison. A slightly fabulated claim on all fronts since there's a few joints on Albert Einstein but you've really gotta sell it to these dudes who think Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$ are the only good rappers to debut in the past 5 years before they'll give anyone else new a listen, innit?

Can we get a Lil' Herb & Lil' Bibby album with production duties split between Alchemist and C-Sick next?


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite album at the moment.

done said...

Youre doing it wrong if you dont restrict all "music made in the last 20 yrs" conversations to the internet imo. Facebook isnt the internet obviously.

Here, are you responsible for Rob-O Unkut venturing into rap made outside QB/rap & bullshit thats not TJ Swann? cos what.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I may have had a slight influence, I suppose.

I can't claim any responsibility for him posting Mouse's Bye Bitch, though; he even heard that before me due to time differences.

step one said...

did you ever check Covert Coup? Still my favourite shit of the last few years.
(I've got the instrumentals if you still cant be doing with anymore Currensy material)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I eventually had it forced on me by a mate who loves Curren$y. Pretty good but still no This Ain't No Mixtape, imho.

done said...

World gone crazy.

I only got into Currensy from Scared Of Monsters which is basically his Times Up. His later shits grand background music for cooking or whatever though.