Tuesday 15 October 2013

We worldwide, we never heard you bloggers

It was inevitable my favourite song on Freeway & The Jacka's mixtape-before-the-album would be a RobLo production, what's slightly unexpected is that the aforementioned RobLo production would sound like a great lost Ayatollah instrumental recorded especially for Tragedy Khadafi sometime around the mid noughties. So bizarre to hear the words "it's The Roc-Mob Figaz, we sure to deliver!" on a song :

Freeway & The Jacka - They Don't Know
(From Write My Wrongs mixtape; 2013)

Ya boy Shipley NonStop right chea was just looking at the track listing for Freeway & Jacka's forthcoming Highway Robbery album on Amazon and noticed that Husalah and Paul Wall are both featured on a song called One; could it be that the slap from their 2010 studio session footage is finally getting a release? Snippet sez not (-_-;).


styles palmer said...

This joint was on Tear Gas fyi

done language said...

wut this songs years old and was in HQ/longer Im confused cuddy

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Apparently not half as confused as me haha. FFS - it even has a video!

In my defense, my copy of Tear Gas has been gathering dust on a shelf for the past 4 and a half years and the only songs from it I have on my MP3 player are Won't Be Right, Glamorous Lifestyle, and Storm.

Diaz said...

Man I was gonna call you out for not recognizing this song's appearance on Tear Gas but my comp fucked up and these batty boyz beat me to it (this blog is actually the reason I got into The Jacka in the first place).

L-O-L at Jacka's EFFORTLESS INTERPOLATION of 3 Doors Downs' "Kryptonite" on the hook for "Mega Man Feat. Husulah". That shit is second only to him using At the Drive In "One Armed Scissor" for the chorus of "Million Miles".

Speaking of Bay Area rap, have you followed the Philthy Rich n Kurt Diggler vs Messy Marv Db tha General Kafani beef? Bizarre situation, especially with the homo accusations on Kafani and him getting shot 5 times. Why would Kurt go at DB?

"You hella fake and that mohawk looking hella gay"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I guess I dismissed They Don't Know in 2008 for sounding too east coast. After Jacka's decline the past few years it now sounds like classic Jack'.

I think Kirk Diggler turning heel on DB is over money issues. I'm waiting for DB to get a Max B phone interview dissing Philthy for associating with Jim Jones.

done said...

Your comp aint shit, doggy

"I guess I dismissed They Don't Know in 2008 for sounding too east coast. After Jacka's decline the past few years it now sounds like classic Jack'."

Same here, beats like this was actually what put me off the joint album but I like it way way more now. Parts of the album I thought watered down then got better with age actually Keep Callin, Whats Your Zodiac, he kills the songs with Fabby & Paul Wall etc. Just A Celebritys the only weak point imo

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

If nothing else, at least I got a Shipley NonStop pun outta this post.

styles palmer said...

Boy its the Jack, the Mac, she know I'm that man/
In the whip wit the Hus, relationship of command

AK said...

I always fucked with this one to be honest. It sounds less Jacka-ft.-Freeway and more the other way around though.