Thursday 10 October 2013

Rap game that time Memphis Bleek taunted Hell Rell in the Tru-Life DVD clip dissing Dipset

"And them ain't your cars or jewellery - give those back to papi he waitin', you scratch that you know what's gonna happen to you!"

"I can tell he ain't gettin' no check, I can tell he ain't gettin' no check
He wearin' everybody else shit, he ridin' everybody else whip!"

Speaker Knockerz ft. Young Dolph & Jose Guapo - Check
(From Finesse Father mixtape; 2013)

Semi recurring phrase-Raps! Nursery rhyme beats! The best song I've heard outta South Carolina since Street Life by Alpoko Don! The first time Young Dolph's flow hasn't sounded like Dolph Starbeam from The Simpsons?


tom no keys in this doohickey said...


Dolph owns this, gonna keep it for crimbo.

breakin' brad said...

speaker knockerz is an odd name for a solo rapper

styles palmer said...

As a south carolinian I'm glad u posted this and not waka flockas BSM white frat rapper who currently seems like our biggest name