Thursday 24 October 2013

Snap back!!!

Been waitin' on this one ever since I heard it on the Ballers Eve radio show back in september. Grip Plyaz has channeled the holy ghosts of D4L and Trap Squad a few times since Stuntman Mike (see: Let's Get To It, I Got What You Need, and Don't Give A Damn) but this might be his best stab yet at what Snap would've/could've/should've mutated into. As I may have mentioned yesterday, I haven't heard an ATLanta Rap song with a bassline as insane as this since Trap Squad's What's Happenin':

Grip Plyaz - Ray Lewis
(From t'internet; 2013)

As an ignorant British pig the song's theme is slightly confusing for me, doe: is Grip Plyaz Ray Lewis-ing in the club because he's dancing like Ray did or is it because he's gettin' away with murder in the club like, y'know, Ray also did?

Bonus Snap/sport related action: never forget the time Nigel Reo Coker did the Laffy Taffy at Highbury after he scored for West Ham against Arsenal in 2006. I sure haven't because it lost me a cool oner on an accumulator I had.


d said...

this is harrrd

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nigel Reo La Coka Nostra.

Anonymous said...

Where's the mp3???

RMH said...


cocotaso said...

he means the ray lewis dance unfortunately.