Tuesday 20 August 2013

Props to Rey

For finding the hardest song outta Baton Rogue since $hizz & Foxx's Send Ya Hit Man. All the more impressive a discovery given that it's a song by Nu$$ie's old weed carrier and Rey doesn't even fux with Baton Rogue Rap like that :

Que Tha Truth ft. Lil' Pooh - Back 2 The Paper
(From YouTube; 2013)

This is the post where we try to convince Rey to stop listening to that French Montana song where he donned a Masked Terror mask for a Stars In Your Eyes rendition of Chief Keef and let Ghetto Stories into his life instead.


bradley said...

you seen there's a new az song?


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah. It's aiight as a b-side to We Movin' but not really good enough to be a single in its own right, imo.

Plus the sub-Primo scratched chorus sounds like something Wicked22 lookalikes would air-scratch to in a Dilated Peoples video.

Catfish said...

"Ghetto Stories" is a classic.

Amor de Rey said...

"Can't call you niggas no actors, they gettin' paid, you more like a extra"

Plus that beat is fucking foul.

The internet sez the kid Que is working on some new shit.