Sunday 25 August 2013

I been gettin' paid since Paul Wall had braids

BeatKing - IONCAHH
(From Gangsta Stripper Music mixtape; 2013)

It's been a very good year for the recurring-phrase jam with U.O.E.N.O, My N*ggas, Regular, Type Of Way and Ain't Worried About Nothin' all viable contenders for the coveted best song of 2013 belt. BeatKing's IONCAHH doesn't quite belong in such esteemed company since its default setting is Rick-Ross-doing-a-song-he-guested-on-only-a-hundred-times-more-wompin', but its a lesson in how to successfully gank another Rapper's steez without coming off all Lil' Ugly Duckling Mane, and the relish BeatKing exhibits when he's sneering at squares who attend college and men who wear glasses is some throwback ig'nance reminiscent of Poison Clan's classic Bad Influence :

Poison Clan - Bad Influence
(From 2 Low Life Muthas album; 1990)


James said...

I can't believe you like "Ain't Worried About Nothin'"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's one you have to hear being played out in a room full of people singing along to it before you can appreciate it.

Generally still only listen to French playing back up to Max and Chinx.

Dan said...

Lil Ugly Duckling Mane!

jeff said...

Anything else on this tape worth checking out? Also want to put my support behind PeeWee Longway's "100 Bands" as a dope recurring-phrase jam

Amor de Rey said...

This is cool, but as recent BeatKing hits go I prefer, "No Chill" myself. Fuck with that Astroworld, too. One of my favorite releases this year.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I've yet to listen to it, Jeff.

I see he just released another new mixtape, although it looks like it might have a few songs from his other 2013 'tapes on it.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Can't believe I forgot to mention Dis Ain't What U Want in this post. :(