Friday 16 August 2013

Kreayshawn = the DGainz of Oakland?

Lest we forget that Kreayshaw was filming videos full of firearms for DB Tha General before she was shooting footage of Lil B drinking orange juice and sitting on a fixie wearing Kool Moe Dee shades :

DB Tha General - Gas
(From Welcome To The Navy album; 2007/YouTube; 2009)

Ain' gon' lie, this post is little more than a feeble excuse to remind you that the link to my 10 song DB Tha General primer compilation which includes Gas is still live if you happened to miss it last year.

EDIT - Zippyshare re-up since I'm told the original Mediafire link is playing tricks.


d said...

he was my fav rapper 2010/11 but still that comp was so spot on

Anonymous said...

people actually enjoy db?

James said...

"Upgrade Em 2" is bonkers.

Joe said...

i think this also serves as a reminder that the bay area invented "gas."


Tried downloading - mediafire cockblocked

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Re-up on Zippyshare.