Friday 2 August 2013

You ain't gonna know what to call it, just know it's a drop and the sunshine jumpin' off it

Deep cuts by generic Baton Rogue c-listers that've been transformed from 3/5 jawns into 4.5/5 jams by the mere presence of Mouse On Tha Track saying "DAT ME!" and "WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" on them part 3465 :

Mista Cain ft. Mouse On Tha Track & Mista - Hard As I Go
(From Louisicain 2.5 mixtape; 2013)

It's mad confusing to have two Baton Rogue Rappers called Mista who both sound near-indistinguishable from each other and who've both released mixtapes with the word Cain in their titles, especially when I'm attempting to parse their respective catalogues for any other jams or when I'm trying to remember which of them is the Mista that's beefing with Foxx and which of them is the Mista that's currently in the pokey on a murder charge.

I dunno, though, maybe I'm doing Mista a disservice by lumping in him in with Mista Cain since he didn't need Mouse's help for his one genuine 5/5 minor-classic It B Going Down and its anthemic no star weed-carrier remix last year?

"Phone ring, hear that noise, that must be Rashanda
sneak me in this party or I'm puttin' holes in ya Honda"

Mista - It B Going Down
(From Cain Muzik Volume 1 mixtape; 2012)


d said...

I just assumed the "cain" was optional and it was the same dude? Ill have to listen to the second tape here, what is the craic now

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

See, that's what I thought too until the DGB post that Mista Cain was on the run earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

You're prob already on it Fredo, but I think this deserves a srs clowning:

d said...

This all couldve just been some elaborate (baton) ruse, ayo, to keep the feds guessing. No way Husalah couldve hid that long if worldstar, twitter, livemixtapes were on back then.


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I hadn't seen that, anonymous. Possibly the first Guardian rap article I've ever read which doesn't mention "the revolutionary polemics" of Public Enemy and, do my eyes deceive me here, or did they manage to mention Odd Future and not compare them to the Sex Pistols?

LULz @ a typo like homocides in a major publication.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this. shit aint been the same since 400 degreez

sisilafami said...

they're def the same person