Wednesday 14 August 2013

That's enough about you, you, you....

....we gon' talk about me, me, me!

Just realised that I've never gotten around to mentioning that I'm slowly beginning to prefer My N*ggas to both R.I.P and Type Of Way and that I can't wait until it becomes an official single so it can usurp Rich As Fuck from its spot as the year's biggest and bestest hit that's basically unplayable on radio/TV.

Because I'll always think of Rap as a 12" singles genre, I need a B-Side to My N*ggas from this currently fruitful YG/Young Jeezy/DJ Mustard axis. The Homie had been serving that purpose until Fuck You slobberknocked it out the box yesterday with the arrival of that new CTE weedcarrier sampler mixtape. I'm not sure if YG, Jeezy and DJ Mustard have somehow acquired access to my brainwaves but given that Fuck You sounds like a 2013 take on Rhyme Pays-era Ice-T with added lyrics about bringing it to dudes who accidentally step on your shoes, and references to scenes from my favourite Rapsploitation movie ever it feels like they've recorded it especially 4 me!

YG & Young Jeezy - Fuck You
(From Young Jeezy, YG & DBCO's Boss Yo' Life Up Volume 1 mixtape; 2013)


James said...

I'm all about "I'm 4rm Bompton" by YG.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I dig I'll Do Ya with TY$ from that 'tape.

AK said...

How's the rest of that CTE tape?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I only skimmed through it, tbh, and then ended up jamming Fuck You non stop alongside My N*ggas ever since.

The two Childish Major tracks (Intro and Talk That) did stand out enough to make me return to it when I get a proper chance, though.