Saturday 10 August 2013


Had to do a double take when Mouse On Tha Track flipped his entire script on the final verse of his new single Don't Make 'Em Like Me with a story about being arrested on a false homicide charge (Rap Game Barry George?) that's closer to Boosie & Webbie's Fuck The Police than anything in his own catalogue of jolly songs about having fun in Baton Rogue.

Mouse On Tha Track ft. Kevin Gates - Don't Make 'Em Like Me
(From Don't Make 'Em Like Me single; 2013)

Gates has come a long way from being thought of as Max Minelli's Memphis Bleek, but in all the words that've been typed about him over the past twelve months nobody has mentioned the main obstacle he faces in ever becoming a household name : Kevin Gates sounds like a bloke from your I.T department, not a Rap star. Dook has obviously never seen the Louis Theroux interview with Pen & Pixel's Shawn Brauch where Shawn snootily tells Louis he can't use Louis Theroux as his Rap name because "it's not monumental enough", nor must Gates be familiar with industry rule 4085 that Rappers are only allowed to use their government names if they have fly ones like Craig Mack.


done said...

Pimp Daddy
and Soulja Slim are smhing in their graves. Kieth Murray was stupidscientifical gibberish about jupiter and shit too but he may as well have been your 40 yr old cousin who still lives with his mam and walks old people's dogs for a living.

Mouse needs to get adopted by Turk or Mel cos its unbelievable Raise A Finger or Hand Rub never even got a shit iphone video when hes gotten the most magazine coverage by miles lately. Probably just regional gangsta rap label obliviousness to non-rap media but fucks sake lads set up a google alert.

done said...

Or is he still with Trill? Its hard to keep track nowadays

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

So apparently Foxx is being forced into doing an album with Lil' Trill to get another official release on Trill.

Will De Beest said...

Mouse's Juice J on Bye Bitch is also pretty alienating, but in a geeky good way.
And this:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Robbie posting Bye Bitch on Unkut is my favourite blog moment of 2013.