Tuesday 6 August 2013

Diggin' in the Showbiz's mates

Try as I might, ya boy will never understand why the Conservative Rap Coalition's head honchos settled on Milano as the indie-period generic D.I.T.C weed carrier they decided was one of N.Y's great unheralded talents when Rep For The Slums is the only great solo song he's ever made in the 14 years since he debuted alongside Big Pun on Where Ya At?:

Milano - Rep For The Slums
(From Deal With A Feeling 12"; 1999)

Besides, such esteemed luddites as Robbie and DJ Ivory & the other bloke from the P. Brothers really should have known that the best Fat Beats-era D.I.T.C doja was A-Bless. Ain't gonna front like A-Bless had more than 4 good songs in him, but that's 3 more than Milano had, and dude was a Lord Finesse analogue for the S.D.E generation. What a pity we never got a proper Showbiz-produced solo A-Bless single since he made the fatal mistake of signing with a crew who still plied their trade with 12" records when N.Y was amidst the transition into a mixtape city:

"I need a mami for the don with no kids
And I love 'em in white thongs with no skids"

A-Bless - That's Bless
(From D.I.T.C Presents Wild Life compilation EP; 2001)

"Temper problem, sick in the head
Tec's a problem, clip to the head"

A-Bless, O.C & Party Arty - Bad Reputation
(From D.I.T.C Presents Wild Life compilation EP; 2001)


Anonymous said...

A-Bless was on the first Kay Slay album too

bradley said...

the pun + joe song on that wildlife ep was the dog's bollox

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It was. Much preferred that original Amed beat to the Showbiz remix.