Tuesday 2 October 2012

Reasons why I love Youtube # 33

AKA the "peace, Connecticut" edition of Martorial elegance.

The missing link between Rock The Bells and Ruff Ryders' Anthem! Posse In Effect as remixed by the computer in Alphaville! A lurching tour-de-force of drum-machine Rap which never ceases to make you aware of the fillings in your teeth and your respiratory system! The greatest thing to ever come out of Connecticut after Stephanie McMahon's arse! All suitable descriptions of the tuffest song of 1986 right chea :

Skinny Boys - Rip The Cut
(From Weightless album; 1986)

It kinda sucks that history has now cast the Skinny Boys in the role of a novelty group whose only accomplishment was piggybacking the Fat Boys' fame via the gimmick of being a beatboxing trio of Abou Diaby lookalikes, because their Weightless LP epitomised post-Sucker MC's/pre-Ego Trippin' 'ardcore Rap in 1986, and, as this 1987 clip of them performing Jockbox and Rip The Cut on some C.T cable TV show demonstrates, they pioneered the post-Cool Kids blog-Rapper look; seriously, baby pahs and baby-babies - Shockin' Shawn, Superman Jay, and The Human Jock Box look like some bizarro blog-Rap world supergroup of Mikey Rocks, Tyler The Creator and the weed-carrier with chipped front teeth from A$AP Mob :

Pay closer attention, though, because their sartorial trailblazing went even deeper than that : Human Jock Box is double Gucci-ing with his matching cap and neck pouch in 1987 when most N.Y Rappers were still wearing the snide Canal Street knock-off Gucci that Dapper Dan used in his patchwork creations, and both Shockin' Shawn and Superman Jay look like they're wearing the legendary original Gucci tennis-sneakers Jay le Camel ripped off for those Reeboks of his from 2002 which turned into Keith Richards' face after 30 minutes on your feet.


brad said...

great find on that video, mate

"rip the cut" >>>>>>

Fosterakahunter said...

You late on that Miggs B vid, but right on time with the Jay le Camel reference. Hah!

P said...