Monday 22 October 2012

Free Rose West!!!

I never quite got around to writing about how Yo Gotti would've had 4 great singles in a row had he not broken the most crucial rule of Rapping about blowjobs on the last verse of the otherwise excellent I Got Dat Sack and started focusing on the details of his dick instead of vividly describing wat dat mouf do. An unacceptable error for a Rapper who made his debut 12 years ago that I'll only forgive if he makes more song like track # 1 from the latest instalment of his Cocaine Muzik series of mixtapes in future :

Yo Gotti - Bulletproof
(From C.M 7 (The World Is Yours) mixtape; 2012)

Yo Gotti mixtapes tend to start with blockbuster opening tracks where he declares himself the grand emperor elect of Trap-Rap', so Bulletproof arrives as a welcome change of pace given that Lil' Lody's production sounds like what a Blaxploitation theme by Beats By The Pound might've sounded like and Gotti doesn't mention cooking cocaine in his kitchen on it once. Yo Gotti's so much better when he eases back on the Jeezy-jackin' to return to his roots as a classicist Gangsta-Rapper in the vein of C-Loc or C-Bo, but Bulletproof ultimate triumph comes when Gotti implores the U.S government to free Big Meech since it's one of those mind-boggling moments of retarded logic that could only ever come from a Rapper.

Free Big Meech!!!

Free Big Lurch!!!

Free South Park Mexican!!!

Free Ian Brady!!!

Free Paul Taylor and Michael Barton!!!


Amor de Rey said...

I tend to pretend that the official video for "I Got Dat Sack" is the Twerk Team version: TwerkTeam- ("I Got Dat Sack" Yo Gotti) **Memphis Edition**

CPR, Purple Flowers, Fuck Your Bestfriend, & Liar off CM7 have gotten lots of play. "It go, Industry...fake as fuck, You'n like it...shut me up"

"I wanna look at niggas different but I CAN'T, I wanna try to trust these bitches but I AIN'T!"


Cocaine Mersik.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Agreed on CPR and Purple Flowers.

Rey, as a Jeezy maven, how would you rate Gotti and Jeezy's output over the past 2 years?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Gosh, that Twerk Team video should definitely be considered as canonical from this point forward. The little glimpses of arsecrack almost make up for the horrifying mental image of Gotti's "semen dish".

Related note : I'm still disappointed I couldn't find anything I liked on Rents Due 2.

sisilafami said...

the beat is dope.

Amor de Rey said...

Loaded question; I'll play devil's advocate. Sure, that retail thing he just dropped is garbage, he made a fool of himself on Drake's TML, and his label made him drop 18 mixtapes before they let him drop his retail, but rumors of Snowman's demise are greatly exaggerated. In his flailing he's actually produced some really dope music. Trappin' Ain't Dead is slept on, Last Laugh has several dope records (linked back up with Shawty Redd), The Real Is Back 1 & 2 have spots of greatness, one of which: Talk About It, still gets play today. AND this 5min+ Remix of Ace Hood's Hustle Hard was maybe the hardest thing to happen all 2011.

Honestly I don't follow Gotti close enough to make a proper assessment. I will though give him immediate credit for crackin' on bitches with fake asses on, "Liar."

Also deserved of acknowledgement is Gucci Mane on his recent loosie "Bussin Juugs"(which is better than anything on Trap God):
Aye, fix ya goddamn mug
You arguin' about a bitch and she's a goddamn slut
W-WHUT!? And now ya car shot up

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

SMH @ fake asses. Thanks 4 the analysis. I tuned out after the All White Everything remix due to his interchangeable slew of songs with Freddie Gibbs. If only he could re-do them with Boo and White.

This Talk About It joint is kinda nuts.

"she spill that drink on my seats, yeah, you know i'ma kill her!