Wednesday 17 October 2012

Re : that unreleased Max B reference track for Puffy

This gives me hope that someone will leak Max's original Summer Wit' Miami reference track one day :

Max B - Keep Your Head To The Sky
(From Duets recording sessions; 2005/the internet; 2012)

Kinda bizarre that a just-released-from-prison industry newbie like Max could've been ghosting for Puffy in 2005, but for the sheer "Who? What? Why? Where?" factor, nothing will ever top that other famed-Duets reference track with KanYe on the first verse and - in 2012 this still beggars belief - Termanology Rapping from Puffy's perspective on the 2nd verse :

KanYe West & Termanology - Everything I Got (If I Was Diddy)
(From Duets recording sessions; 2005/the internet; 2012)

Yeah, it's sad that Max is in jail for the rest of his life when the evidence against him was incredibly flimsy and all, but it's utterly heartbreaking that Termanology still has a Rap career in 2012, innit? Come the apocalypse, all that'll be left are cockroaches and Termanalogy still trying to hop his way onto production he has no business being on.


done said...

Well Puff being from/consorting with uptown rappers might go a ways to explaining Biggavellz but yeah, what in the fuck, Termanology. Its a nice song , funny to hear Max talking about meeting Penelope Cruz and buying drinks with Big without it being some creepy nostalgic shite.

Speaking of creepy nostalgia -I deserve no mercy for this opinion but Term's verse is actually grand, if you ignore the "meet me at my van in the worst lit part of the carpark"-flow.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sod that. "9-6, Bad Boy invented the remix" is a chronological faux-pas of the Game saying "woke up out that coma in 2001, 'bout the same time Dre dropped 2001 calibre.

done said...

Ha yeah, Game associations an instant write off. Supreme math is needed

Game & Tyler, - worst writers/critical acclaim ratio evar?Im factoring in Ye and Pac here

bradley said...

trey songz in the "summer wit miami" video is still one of the funniest things ever

Fosterakahunter said...

"meet me at my van in the worst lit part of the carpark"-flow.
That dreaded "whisper rap" flow that makes him almost unlistenable on most tracks.

Alex said...

Late here but this is a good one to throw on the pile:

Mind you that this is supposed to be his target fanbase. Not Robbie per say, but the kind of people that Unkut generally caters to.

Max Maller said...

any thoughts on a GOAT reference tracks playlist

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Can't think of that many tbh.