Friday, 19 October 2012

Got dat paypa, dog

Not really kept up with Wax Poetics magazine since Borders closed down over here, but had I seen the recent No Limit cover issue in my local Smiths I'd have snatched that shit off the racks quicker than Future after he'd just spotted a denim New Era with 356 different studs on it. Thanks to Jack The Snipper for scanning me the Beats By The Pound interview in there; who needs the usual "what MPC do you use?" Wax Poetics interviews when you can have KLC et al yappin' about how Percy Miller owes them $15 million instead? Click to resize, obv' :


Anonymous said...

That cover is awesome.

sisilafami said...


done said...

Yeah that cover is class. Nice one, this has gone a ways towards me not thinking of BBTP as one big anonymous machine and more as individual members.

I missed most of the liner notes, there any noteworthy shout outs/merchandising ads?

Richard Tre Mane said...

Old Limit CD cases are made out of the thickest plastic I've ever seen.