Sunday, 21 October 2012

Token Bad Boy Records post of the month

A couple of years back, XXL magazine ran a Bad Boy Records tribute article which featured Black Rob talking about how the first song he cut for the label was an R&B remix, but, because he wasn't acclimatised to the art of rhyming on Rap & Bullshit jams, he went into the booth and started kicking lyrics about sticking grenades in people's mouths as he robbed them for their North Face bubble-gooses until Biggie tapped him on the shoulder and was like "chill, dook - you gotta approach these type of records differently!" This is that remix, and while it isn't touching the Bad Boy mix of Only You, it still cacks on the original version of Come See Me because nobody wants to listen to a eunuchized New Edition like 112 sing for a full song :

112 ft. Black Rob - Come See Me (Bad Boy remix)
(From Come See Me single; 1996)

I didn't hear this back in 1996 so I'm not sure if it was meant to capitalise on the success of Put It In Your Mouth or if it was just some sort of bizarre double-coincidence that it happened to use the exact same samples of Brick's Fun and Al Green's I'm Glad You're Mine as Akinyele's most famous song. Kinda hope that it's the latter, because Put It In Your Mouth stealing this remix's thunder would be perfect karmic compensation for Biggie's One More Chance remix cock-blocking Big L's MVP just as it was beginning to gain momentum in 1995.

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