Tuesday 16 October 2012

Rap history repeats itself

Live-wire crew member of Puerto-Rican descent turned fan favourite Def Jam solo artist via breakthrough cameos on their bald-headed bushy-bearded best mate's album, unfortunately destined for eternal mixtape purgatory due to a Best Buy-unfriendly moniker and a proclivity for carrying illegal firearms.

If we follow Peedi & Gunplay's parallel timelines (and we should because both Rappers have also sorta had their respectively careers unwittingly cock-blocked by Meek Mill) this means Gunplay will sign to G-Unit Miami Records in 2021 and we'll still be waiting for Medellin a decade from now.


AK said...

This shit has me seriously depressed.

Fosterakahunter said...

You are a genius for pointing out the comparison.