Monday 1 October 2012

Frankly, Mr Frankie

Chanced upon this here Stuck Up jawn by J-Buc & Lil' Cali on Frankie Tha Lucky Dog's most recent Louisiana Archives compilation last week which hit my tender spots like DING DING and put my heart on lock like Sing Sing. Pretty much the exact sort of sub-Mouse On Tha Track zing-zinging Baton Rogue pop-stompah you'd expect from a track involving Mouse's mate Lil' Cali, and a welcome discovery since Mouse has only seen fit to bless us with a single solo song in the one-deuce :

"Bitches on my dick, I don't know which one to pick
I just fuck 'em 'cause I can and then go add 'em to the list"

J-Buc ft. Lil' Cali - Stuck Up
(From DJ 5150 - N.O To The B.R 7 mixtape; 2011)

Kinda fucked up that the only blogger on the Rap internet currently dedicated to parsing and documenting modern Baton Rogue Rap is a self-confessed autistic white kid from Port Jefferson, N.Y like da gawd Frankie because you'd really think there'd be some sort of B.R version of Thizzler/FakeShoreDrive run by a Louisiana native by now.


Choccy said...

That other Lil Cali and J Buc song on the Frankie mixtape you linked is good too.

Anonymous said...

Ah here, theres only one FTLD - young entrepreneur tape host/radio show/blogger/youtube channel. Im mad I slept on his youtube for so long.