Friday 12 October 2012

Greatest movie scenes ever # 49

I dunno why Master P's Richmond era weed-carrier King George (AKA he who stands in the doorway with the pistol on the front cover of The Ghetto's Tryin' To Kill Me) would want to name himself after the pimp from Jack Hill's 1973 Blaxploitation flick Coffy when old boy diddy-bopped with all the machismo of the gay lad from My So Called Life and looked like a high school janitor at a fancy dress party as Vincent Price's character in Witchfinder General. My theory is he must've blinded by Roy Ayers' ridiculous intro score for when King George first makes his appearance in the movie to scope for fresh meat at his local pool, because George's bizarre crotch-bulge in his polyester jump-suit makes it look like he has the sort of camel-toe you'd see on some kid-shitting munter like Karen Matthews and that's not a look any Rapper should aspire to :

Any old excuse to re-post the best track J-Zone ever cut because it happens to have been the first Rap song to sample King George's riddims, eh? What can I say, it's been a slow week on the internet but a busy one in real life :

Go-Rilla Pimp - Pimp Olympic$
(From Ign'ant mixtape; 2002/Hotter Than Fishgrease (Volume 1) album; 2004)


Fulci Lives said...

Well I'm completely biased, but the greatest pimp to ever grace us on the silver screen is Christopher Lee in Hammer's Dracula franchise of films.

Peep game:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Bitches on deck.

vollsticks said...

"Kid-shitting munter", I might steal that.