Monday, 29 October 2012

John Monopoly is not a manager of the Slick calibre!

No wonder KanYe West got rid of John Monolopy; what an ol' Oliver Humperdink type managing ass oaf he is for this :

King Louie - Val Venis
(From Dope And Shrimp album; nevurary)

Val Venis is King Louie's The Show to Bars's La Di Di Da Di and a potential viral hit in the making, so what does John Monolopy finally do with the song months after squandering its initial buzz? Completely ignore its wrestling-related dance USP and shoot some sub-L.E.P Bogus Boyz resembling generic video for the song that nobody will ever watch more than once. The only slightly positive thing about the whole sorry clip is that Louie has stepped his jeans game up from those ol' Matt Hardy lookin' ass hideous cargo jeans he had on in the original Val Venis video.

It can't be a coincidence that Nas fell off immediately after he got his chipped front tooth repaired, because I fear Louie getting his smashed teeth fixed with his advance money a few months back may have similarly jinxed his career given some of his recent decisions and music. How quickly these Rappers forget the street code handbook's chapter regarding cosmetic dental surgery :

"This is real live street shit
truest and the deepest
know n*ggas who go to jail just to get they teeth fixed"

Sheek Louch ft. Jadakiss, Jae Hood & Styles P - Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up)
(From Walk With Me album; 2003)


done said...

Here, the real botch is the pivotal Catchphrase-ish sound effect being so low in the mix in the video version:
its not the same without imagining Roy doing the Val Venis dance imo

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Someone should make a whole beat out of the Catchphrase noise.

James said...

The old WWF promo and Sheek's verse on that song are both b(^_^)d

Anonymous said...

I heard EPIC records contractually made him get his teeth fixed.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

This coulda/shoulda been the new Watch My Feet.

Anonymous said...

missing the knee-high polo rain boots dance :/

Catfish Hunter said...

This is why the rap industry is failing right now. Because the people in charge have no idea what they're doing.