Tuesday 29 May 2012

Ring ring dat's da phone, who is it?

Ayo 'O Capone, it's the blog game James Gribble in series one of Round The Twist AKA Tom Breihand Of The Dead Body here wondering if your Iced Out My Lighthouse project with Riff Raff has gone the way of Wayne & Juelz's I Can't Feel My Face and other similar touted collaborations which are simply never going to happen? Since we haven't heard a peep from y'all as a duo since Snowing White Women six months ago are we to presume that Riff Raff's new bloodsucking buddy Diplo has scuppered the chances of Swag-Rap finally getting the post-modern Get Ya Mind Correct it deserves?

TKO Capone - Obviously
(From Tropical Swaggin' Duh mixtape; 2011)

I was gonna say something about Riff Raff becoming Diplo's latest plaything/a viral sensation/the muse for James Franco in Harmony Korine movies as TKO Capone's mixtapes languish on under four thousand downloads apiece on DatPiff very vaguely mirrors Wayne's ascendance to superstar status as Juelz went into commercial decline, but then happened to notice that Louis Gucci has eight million views on Youtube whilst Riff Raff has yet to hit a million on any of his solo videos; an act of number fixing or did someone just post Louis Gucci on a Harry Potter forum?


Lucas K said...

a bunch of big riff raff videos got deleted from his profile recently by youtube and i think he might have had 1 or 2 that beat it.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nah, of all the vids that were removed on the Ronald Vaughns accounts, Larry Bird was the highest and that only had half a million.

Will De Beest said...

I love O Capone, but I'm pretty sure those Youtube views are bogus. He got there over the course of a weekend where allegedly MTV played Louis Gucci in the middle of the night.

Unknown said...

"Louis Gucci" was played on MTV a couple months back. That's probably why the view count is so high.

Unknown said...