Friday 18 May 2012


A gentleman's agreement permitted me from posting a downloadable MP3 of this yesterday since its going up on iTunes for sale, but now its sneaked its way to Youtube its pretty much fair game. 2012's most anticipated Rap song is finally here and its even better than the snippets suggested :

King Louie - Val Venis
(From Dope And Shrimp album; 2012)

Sure, dedicating a song to Val Venis instead of Ravishing Rick Rude is as ass backwards as calling Razor Ramon the poor man's Carlito, but Louie gets a pass on this one since he's under the age of 30 so he pro'lly just remembers the Ravishing One as "dook who was on Raw and Nitro on the same night back in 1997". This and I Don't Like need to square off for the rest of the year and see which of them emerges victorious as thee Chicago anthem of 2012.

In other news related to odes to white ppl icons by Rappers, the highlight of N.O.R.E's latest otherwise underwhelming mixtape recently became a viral single, with Gordo who sips the Champagne that's impordo being one of the few Rappers who can justice to a song called Kenny Powers given his beerbelly and penchant for ig'nant gibberish. *Kay Slay voice* - "ONLY N.O.R.E COULDA DID THIS, YO!!!" :

N.O.R.E - Kenny Powers
(From Crack On Steroids mixtape; 2012)

The O.G slime went from buyin' out the bar at the white boy club to havin' the most disrespectful white in town. Given that he's been washed up since his unfortunate experiment with Reggaeton, his knack of somehow managing to knock out two N.Y classics a year every year since 2008 is something we should all be grateful for.

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James said...

Both of these are ridiculous.