Thursday 10 May 2012

Questions, questions, questions

How come east coast Rap music has become so utterly devoid of humour and why do I have to go looking to Chicago Rappers to post music from the last five years which carries on the fine traditions of funny, cocky everymen Rappers like Positive K and Vagina Diner-era Akinyele?

Is a certain first wave Rap blogger from Chicago actually now a shadowy industry P.R figure masquerading as an impartial journalist at Pitchfork, The Fader and Complex as the latest Blogger beef on Twitter suggested yesterday?

Isn't it a bit rich for Brendan Soderberg to accuse anyone of being a clandestine P.R guy when rumours swirl that he's on Codie G's payroll, and he clearly uses SPIN magazine as an outlet to push music by his Rapper buddies and continue his internet vendetta against A$AP Rocky's manager at the expense of innocent parties like the artists on A$AP Worldwide Records?

Is it okay for ya boy Dickie Tre Mane AKA Picture Me Rollie Pemberton right chea to post a Chicago Rap song today if it's from 4 years ago, and does Barry Mannilow know Cadence Weapon raids his wardrobe?

How ironic is it that Mic Terror's henchest performance and most traditional Rap-de-Rap song to date should've derived from a forgotten Imeem mixtape featuring a gaggle of otherwise mediocre tracks by 2008 Hypebeast-Rap Blog mainstays like Pac Div, The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz, Dom Kennedy and Kidz In The Hall?

Mic Terror - Get Off
(From Creme De La Creme : The Mixtape; 2008)


done said...

I wish these shlubs would get off twitter and hash it out in a comment section.

Dunno how Yungerberg normally jumps at the slightest subliminal and still hasnt shown up here.

Lars said...

I love meta-rap beef, or whatever...

Looked at his Twitter, and LOL'd at this:

"@rlydoe did you deliver my message to the Martorialist yet? I asked you nicely."

One of my favorite things on here is that hilarious Immortal Technique vs borderline troll real life incident...

Please, a rundown of the Brandon - Yams beef?

"deliver my message"!? That's some Godfather / Lord Of The Rings type mentality.

Give us another classic. This is the stuff the net's made for...

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I think they've had a few Twitter beefs, but I've only caught the tailends of a couple of them when people have linked me.

Alex from Steady Bloggin' told me about that Tweet but as of yet I've still received no "message".