Monday 21 May 2012

Skip, we love you

Perhaps we're biased because we used to have a dog called Skippy or maybe we're simply just huge fans of Juvenile's weedcarriers, but whenever the Martorialist posse notice that U.T.P member Skip has new music out we feel compelled to give it a listen. There's a song on Skip's new Happy Motherfuckers Day mixtape by the name of Concrete Jungle which is probably the worthiest pick on there since it distils the various sounds of New Orleans into a carnival companion to Juve's early street-talk classic Jivin', but, ever lowbrow and proud, we're drawn to Bandana like it's got us in a tractor beam made from the fumes of the soft-toed Reebok classics Juve and his mate who looks like Bodie from The Wire wave around in the air in the Solja Rag video :

Skip ft. Wacko - Bandana
(From Happy Motherfuckers Day mixtape; 2012)

Note to all Nolia Rappers : make songs which sound like lost instrumentals Soulja Slim would've Rapped over with lyrics about wearing camouflage rags and we're guaranteed to post them on The Martorialist.


done said...

Skip actually killed the Mystikal/Mannie studio freestyle session if you listen close. UTP were/are the shit.

sisilafami said...

good lookin out bruh bruh, pretty good tape.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yup, it has a few joints.