Monday 14 May 2012

Jim'll Fik It

I know a lot of y'all were all over I Am A Vampire like Klaus Kinski on Isabelle Adjani's neck, but if we're honest here it wasn't a particularly good song and most of you were just far too easily impressed by the notion of one of E-40's relatives Rapping about being a bloodsucking creature of the night when we live in a post-Twlight/True Blood world where even my 13 year old cousin can quote dialogue from The Lost Boys verbatim. Me, I've been patiently waiting for another Cousin Fik song as good as the title track of his first mixtape and, two years later, it's finally arrived :

"Right next door to Vallejo
them little projects in Rodeo
they'll turn your beanie cap to a halo
quick to *KNOCKA N*GGA DOWN, HOE!*

Cousin Fik - Knocka N*gga Down
(From teh internet; 2012)

That vocal sample is the handy gimmick around which Fik's bars revolve, but it's the juxtaposition of a nursery rhyme melody and old-school mobb muzik bass on this which make this such a slap. E-40 needs to get back into my good books after Block Brochure ended up being so pedestrian, so I suggest he makes another sequel to Carlos Rossi over a synth approximation of Ring-A-Ring O' Roses ASAP.


Billy Patrick said...

You mean the Vampire Song that people only knew about / liked because Noz was talking it up nonstop?

done said...

Totally, this shits Da Mob 2.0 for me. I think I like Fik best when he switches his delivery, like that song off Hacksaw Jim Thuggin where he does the Pretty Boy Swag flow

I need to revisit No Gravity, that title songs sounding class right now.

done said...

He changes it here too actually

otherwise hes a bit too Young Gully-ish for me.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, Billy, that one. Although, to be fair, Thomas sang its praises before Noz.

Done - remind me what the song with the Pretty Boy Swag flow was.

brad said...

this is great


I like that vampire Song... Both his recent tapes are pretty dope, with kaboom and bay area 51 being standout slaps to Me... He has An older tape out, too, which is good.

done said...

I dunno if I should credit the stop-start flow to Travis Porter flow or someone, I wasnt listening to all that back then